The Talisman

There, where seas are ever crashing, 
On the shores of lonely cliffs, 
And where the moon glows warmer, 
Through sweet hours of twilight mist, 
And, wherein the harem, revelling, 
The Mussluman's days pass by, 
An enchantress, with caresses, 
Handed me a talisman.

And, caressing me, she bade me: 
Keep you safe my talisman: 
In it lies a wondrous power. 
It is given you with love. 
From an illness of from dying, 
From turmoil, or fear storm 
Thy dear life, O my beloved, 
My talisman will not save.

And the riches of the Orient 
It shall not bestow you, 
Nor disciples of a prophet 
To you will subdue; 
And to you, a friendly bosom 
From a sad and wondrous land, 
To your hearth, from north to south, 
Will not speed, my talisman.

But whenever eyes bewitching, 
Enchant you suddenly, 
Or when lips in dark of night 
Without love, kiss you - 
Dearest friend! from trespasses, 
From fresh wounds of the heart, 
From betrayal, from forgetness, 
Guard you, shall my talisman. 

* Translated by Nick and Dimitri Derkatch