The Prophet

Tormented with a spiritual thirst 
I trampled through a sombre desert, 
And a seraph with six wings 
To me appeared across the way; 
With fingers light as in a dream 
Upon my eyes he touched: 
Opened were prophetic sights 
Like to a startled eagle. 
And my ears he lightly touched, 
And they were filled with noise and ringing: 
And I felt the heavens shaking, 
And saw the angels in their flight, 
And the hosts of deep sea-creatures, 
And the valley's frosty vines. 
Pressed he then upon my lips, 
And tore out my sinful tongue, 
Vainful and deceitful, 
And venom from a serpent wise, 
Into my frozen mouth he plunged 
With a right hand steeped in blood. 
And with sword he cloved my chest, 
And my trembling heart plucked out, 
And a coal, aflame with fire, 
Thrust into my gaping breast. 
Like a desert's corpse I lay, 
And God's voice called out: 
"Arise, O prophet, and see and hear, 
And fullfill My will, 
And as you circle sea and land 
With Word burn hearts of Man." 

Translated by Nick and Dimitri Derkatch