The Holy Fathers and Sisters of Mercy

The Holy fathers and sisters of mercy 
To lift the heart beyond the clouds, 
To strengthen it through storms and battles 
Compiled myriad godly prayers. 
But none is more endearing 
As one the priest recites 
Through sombre days of Lent. 
It often to my lips returns, 
And to the fallen gives strength with unseen power: 

O Lord of my life! Deliver me from idleness, 
Vain glory- the hidden serpent, 
And guard my soul from empty talk. 
But let me see, O Lord, my transgressions 
So my brother will not be judged by me, 
And the spirit of humility, patience, love 
And chastity, within my heart revive. 

Translated by Nick and Dimitri Derkatch