A Concert dedicated to Pushkin's Anniversary

Most recently the major event of the Pushkin Society was the mounting of the Anniversary Concert to celebrate one year since the creation of the Pushkin Literary Society in Adelaide. In association with the Pavlova School of Classical Ballet, the Russian Ethnic School and the Adelaide Russian Theatre a comprehensive, entertaining and educational programme was developed for the Anniversary Concert.

The Concert was a huge success. Some 250 people attended the Concert which was held at the Ballroom Function Centre of the Ukranian Community Centre on June 30, 2007. The Concert featured the play 'On the Seashore' a musical dramatisation based on Pushkin's Fairy Tales (directed by Vladimir Kanter) with a cast of 28 people, mostly children of Russian background.

Also featured were local professional musicians, singers and composers, dedicating their talents to entertain the Russian speaking community of Adelaide. Professional ballet dancer and choreographer, Valentina Pavlova, former soloist of the Bolshie Theatre in Moscow, together with 18 of her young and aspiring students, presented a dazzling display of Classical Ballet Divertissements inspired by the literary works of Alexander Pushkin.

The Concert attracted a much praised review which was published in the 'Unification', a leading Russian language newspaper in Australia.


30 июня 2007 года молодое Аделаидское Литературное Общество имени А.С. Пушкина при содействии Школы Классического Балета Валентины Павловой и Русской Этнической Школы при Ассоциации «Давай поговорим!» отметило первую годовщину своего существования большим концертом, посвящённым 108-летию со дня рождения поэта.

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